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At Court Drive Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on providing quick and convenient emergency dental treatment in the Uxbridge area at a competitive price and with exceptional levels of customer service. We are confident in our service as we work with experienced emergency dentists. We are constantly striving to improve our service by partnering with dentists that are among the best when it comes to providing emergency dental care in Uxbridge.

Our service is here for those who are suffering from dental pain or discomfort and are in need of urgent relief. At Court Drive Dental Practice, we do the hard work for you by helping you find a local dentist in Uxbridge for your emergency dental treatment.

We handpick the dentists to ensure you get the best emergency dental care in Uxbridge.

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What does Emergency Dental Treatment Involve?

At Court Drive Dental Practice, we provide a speedy solution to your dental concerns so that you can have peace of mind that your dental emergency will be dealt with both promptly and professionally. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort do not hesitate to book an appointment with our emergency dentists in Uxbridge. At Court Drive Dental Practice, we will help to resolve your dental pain together with our experienced and friendly dentists.

Our emergency dentists are vastly experienced in dealing with a myriad of different dental problems. The dentists will carry out an assessment along with any investigations to help diagnose the problem. Once they have determined the diagnosis, treatment options will be discussed and the consented treatment will be carried out.

The Very Best Emergency Dentists in Uxbridge

We pride ourselves on our customer service, excellent value and effective solutions to your dental problems. We constantly strive in making sure we provide the best emergency dentists Uxbridge has to offer. We provide dental care for all patients whether it’s someone who has their own general dental practitioner or not. Court Drive Dental Practice works towards improving access to dental care, ensuring that everybody can be seen for emergency dental care when they need it most.

You will be able to book appointments on a first come first served basis to ensure that the process is both fair and efficient for all. We will endeavour to treat you as soon as possible, ideally on the same day.

Court Drive Dental Practice has three main objectives when it comes to your urgent dental care.

  1. Provide relief from the immediate dental pain.
  2. Ensure the affected teeth and surrounding tissues are stabilised in order to prevent further damage.
  3. To provide temporary pain relief, giving you the time to seek further care for definitive treatment options.

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Our Emergency Dentist can help you with the following:



Broken Filling/ Tooth

Swelling / Abscess

Denture Adjustments

Re-cement Crowns & Bridges

Dental Trauma

Painful Gums

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