At some point in life, most of the people have to deal with wisdom teeth. A common problem related to the impacted wisdom teeth which do not fully erupt in the mouth because of other teeth that may be crowding it. When there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to come out and grow properly they come out at the wrong angle or sideways. If the wisdom teeth are unable to grow out in the mouth, it could develop inflammation, infection, immense pain in the mouth or even damage the teeth around it. It is very important to extract the impacted wisdom teeth before it destroys the roots of adjacent teeth causing them permanent damage.


The symptoms that result as warning signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth are the following:

  1.       Pain
  2.       Swollen gums
  3.       Tender or bleeding gums
  4.       Bad breath
  5.       Headache
  6.       Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  7.       Swelling around the jaw

Causes of impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth of humans normally come through in between the age of 17 and 25 years. In most of the cases the wisdom teeth is unable to make space for itself as there are too many teeth already for the wisdom teeth to grow properly. If there is, the individual’s teeth line up perfectly without any hindrance.  However when there is not enough space, the wisdom teeth become trapped and misaligned causing trouble around itself.


Complications of impacted wisdom teeth

The wisdom tooth grows into a sac in the jawbone which then fills with fluid like substance forming into a cyst. This can damage the jawbone, teeth around it and also the nearby nerves. There are times, a noncancerous tumor may also form which requires surgical removal of the tissue and bone.  Infection in the adjacent teeth may also develop and worsen. The pressure of the impacted wisdom teeth can result into crowding of the teeth which requires orthodontic treatments to straighten up crooked teeth. There are cases when the tooth is partially impacted. In such cases, the tooth is prone to decay while also infecting the surrounding gum.


When to see the dentist?

If you experience sheer pain, swelling or other symptoms mentioned above specifically in the area behind your last molar then there is possibility of impacted wisdom teeth. Our dentists can be consulted if you feel any of the unpleasant symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth. If that is the culprit, a thorough examination decides the course of treatment which is most of the times extraction of the impacted wisdom teeth.


How can you prevent it?

In order to prevent impacted wisdom teeth it is required to keep visiting the dentist regularly and getting proper cleanings. Regular examinations a updated X Rays can indicate impacted wisdom teeth before any of the displeasing symptoms develop.

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Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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