Many patients complain of bleeding gums while brushing teeth or eating certain types of foods. It is true to say that the sight of blood coming from mouth is frightening. You wake up from a sound sleep in the morning, looking forward to the day and go to the toilet, brush your teeth only to discover your gums bleeding. Now it is an alarming sight but understanding the root cause of the condition is the best way to prevent it or cure it.

What are the common causes of bleeding gums?

There are different factors that could play a role in bleeding of gums. One of them is the built up plaque around the gum line. This condition is known as gingivitis and is characterised by bacteria which gathers around the gums and thrives in them causing your body to respond with inflammation. If plaque is not removed it hardens to form tartar which leads to more bleeding.

Bleeding of gums could also be a sign of a disease called Periodontitis. It is a more severe condition than gingivitis as the bacteria gets up to the side of the teeth and starts destroying the jawbone. This results in the loss of tooth decay and tooth loss.

Brushing of teeth and flossing is the integral of oral care but many at times even they prove ineffective to remove buildups of hardened plaque and tartar. It is very important for individuals to visit the dentist on regular intervals and get a proper routine cleaning and checkup. People suffering from gum bleeding must visit the dentist for cleaning in order to eliminate plaque and tartar buildups in the mouth which result in oral diseases like gingivitis and Periodontitis.

In some cases, nutritional deficiencies can also result in bleeding gums. Vitamin K and Vitamin C deficiency perhaps could be the reason behind them. Also another cause of bleeding gums could be pregnancy. It is a little known fact that pregnancy could cause bleeding gums too because of hormonal and chemical changes in the body of the mother. This kind of bleeding usually goes away after giving birth.

Here are a few tips for preventing bleeding gums :

· Use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth
· Avoid tobacco products
· Floss daily
· Visit the dentist regularly to check for oral cleaning
· Consult the dentist at Court Drive Dental Practice in Uxbridge to know the reason behind your bleeding gums.

bleeding gum

Why do gums bleed?

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