One of the greatest horrors in a dental chair is considered to be the tooth saving dental procedure; root canal treatment. It has earned such a bad reputation that many patients avoid the dentists because of it. The good news is that the tooth is restored to perfection and lasts as long as natural teeth. Does the thought of getting a root canal treatment make you sweat and shiver? Do you believe this procedure will be so painful that you might not be able to bear it? Or you think from what you have heard that it is a complicated procedure? Well it is time to rethink all this. It is never the treatment that causes the sheer pain however it is the infection within your teeth that causes it. The root canal treatment merely relieves you from the pain – not put you through it! Infection or inflammation in your tooth’s pulp tissue is the culprit behind the horrific pain and not the tooth saving treatment.

What is the Root Canal Treatment?

Now before you sit and coil in your seats while listening to the horror stories of root canal treatment, you need to know what exactly the treatment is about. Root Canal is a series of tiny, river like chambers located inside the roots of your teeth that also contain the nerves or pulp. Basically, the treatment is revolved around the removal of the inflamed pulp tissue which infects the tooth and causes a lot of pain.

So is it exceptionally painful?

The answer to the most asked question if the Root Canal Treatment is highly painful, is no. It is not hurtful anymore however it is just as uncomfortable as a dental filling. Just like any other dental treatment it starts with anesthetic to numb the area of treatment. This is the point where the pain stops for most people and the worst is over. Later on to restore the appearance or function of the tooth, restorative dental treatments are carried out such as Dental Crowns or other.

When do you need The Root Canal Treatment?

A series of symptoms are a result of root canal infection which call for a dental checkup. Here are the most common ones.
1. Brief sensitivity to lasting pain after eating hot or cold foods
2. Increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods
3. Sharp pain after biting down
4. Constant dull pain which may be acute or severe
5. Swollen gums forming an abscess

So if you have the following symptoms it is best to consult our  dentist and get the Root Canal Treatment as soon as possible. Just remember, the treatment is NOT as painful as so hyped about. You survive the pain and the best thing is, your tooth survives too!

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Truth About Root Canal Treatment

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