You are planning one of the most important days of your life that is your wedding. Naturally, you expect everything to be perfect. The outfits have been picked out, the setting and flowers have been decided but just one thing is left to think about. Is your smile as bright as the future you see for yourself? Do you wish you could enhance your smile to improve it before the big day?

We have great news for you. You surely can! Depending on the time you have your wedding day smile makeover can range from thorough dental cleaning or teeth whitening to a full-scale orthodontic treatment program. Let’s look at the few options which can help you look the best on your special day.

Professional cleaning

You can get your teeth cleaned professionally which helps to remove the dark stains and tartar in just one single appointment. This basic and effective treatment should be done every 6 months as part of routine but take note to get one just before your wedding

Tooth Whitening

Sometimes your teeth need more than just routine maintenance. In that care, tooth whitening is one safe and effective way to lighten the discolored teeth. There are both in-office whitening treatments and take-home bleaching kits which are dentist supervised. You may choose from the either as per your convenience.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers offer a striking solution for discolored teeth. These are also permanent solution so if you think you need it and have three to four months, then go for it.

Cosmetic bonding

You know those little chips in the front teeth or discolored fillings? Cosmetic bonding can be performed on all such small imperfections making your smile perfect.

Missing teeth

If you have teeth that are damaged or missing, they can be restored by crowns or bridgework. If done properly, these procedures last a decade or even more.

Dental implants

This is another great way to restore missing teeth. They offer a permanent or natural looking tooth replacement. Achieving results from this procedure requires careful planning and time. If you need tooth restoration, remember to ask whether dental implants would be right for you or not.

If your smile needs even more help, don’t despair — there are still plenty of ways to improve it. Come to us for more information about a wedding-day smile makeover, don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options.


Planning the perfect wedding day smile

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