Toddlers love to eat and put things in their mouth to munch on all times. As a parent that is challenging because you need to make sure you give your child something to munch on which is healthy at the same time and does not ruin your child’s teeth! It is encouraged that as a parent, when kids dentist uxbridgebuying stuff for your family and kids, you make sure to look at the back of the packets to check the sugar content. Good dental care goes beyond brushing and flossing teeth. Diet which is balanced, nutritious and low in sugar is important to make sure your kid keeps smiling that beautiful smile. While kids may not like raw broccoli or celery sticks there are many different tasty snacks that can be prepared for the children to curb their hunger and also keep their oral health in check. Here are some tasty snacks for healthy hungry young mouths! They are great to minimise the possibility of dental problems.

Teeth-Friendly Snacks for Kids

Eating a variety of foods such as low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, healthy protein sources like nuts or lean meats and whole grains are a great way to attain a good dental health. The following are great ideas for kids which also are good sources of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients for a growing body. Apart from all that, they are delicious and fresh too!

  1.       Low-Fat yogurt with berries
  2.       Cubes of fresh seasonal fruits like melon, watermelon, strawberries, grapes and apples are great to munch and clean the teeth at the same time.
  3.       Raw vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot sticks and cucumber are all great to munch and crunch on.
  4.       Baked crisps
  5.       Nuts for toddlers older than 1 without nut allergies.
  6.       Cubes of cheese
  7.       Toast, bread or a sandwich
  8.       Homemade popcorn without any sugar or salt.
  9.       Unsalted almonds and coconut flakes.
  10.   Hummus with toasted whole grain pita triangles.

Know when to snack

Eating frequent snacks makes it easier for the bacteria in the mouth to flourish and form plaque on the teeth. Dentists all over the world recommend limiting the number of snacks during the day in order to prevent cavities in children which by far is the leading dental problem in young kids. With long intervals between meals, saliva in the mouth gets the time to wash away food particles and helps to protect the teeth against harmful bacteria.

Avoid Sugar

Sugary treats like candies, chocolates, soda and pastries are high in sugar and should be avoided for a healthy mouth. It is best to avoid starchy foods also which quickly breaks down to sugars. These include bagels, muffins, and donuts. High sugar diet increases the bacteria in the mouth and destroys the tooth enamel.

Making wise tooth choices for your child is what makes part of the daily dental care for kids. Make sure they eat well-balanced diet while also focusing on cleaning and brushing. Set up regular dental appointments and keep a check on the oral health. All this will assure that you are doing the perfect job in taking care of those beautiful smiles!

At Court Drive Dental practice in Uxbridge, we offer children dentistry, to book your exam speak to our friendly team today!


Healthy snacks for kids

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