Your own Dentist in Uxbridge

A wise old dentist once said ‘dentistry is 85% communication and 15% artistry’.

What is meant by the phrase is that good dentistry cannot happen without full communication with the patients. We follow this rule religiously at Court Drive Dental Practice.

How Dentistry is done at Court Drive Dental Practice

  • Our friendly reception team meet and greet the patients – on their first visit.
  • Our friendly dentists explain all the options and their pros and cons.
  • Our dentists understand patient’s fear and explain on how to minimise them.
  • Our fees are always explained in the beginning so there are not any last minute surprises. We strive to remain ethical in our dealing with the patients.
  • We inform patients on how long the treatment will last and the necessary before/after treatment care is required.

Communicating gets the right results

We have recently done a survey with our patients and an over-whelming 95% of participants have said that they will recommend us to their friends and family. We believe this is only because our dentist treat our patients like family and always explain all the treatment procedures and cost in the beginning of the treatment plan. Patient are hence left with no surprises. This all builds the confidence in the patients that their dentists at Court Drive Dental Practice are here to help and provide the best possible dental advice.

Dentist in Uxbridge

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