Why are regular dental visits important?

It is  recommended that you come back to your dentist for a check-up after every six months. This is because regular dental visits are necessary for helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy. For the time between these examinations, it is important that you take care of your dental health. In case you need any additional help, your dentist may even advise more frequent visits.

There are 2 parts to a regular dental visit. The first part is the check-up, and the second is the cleaning.

The check-up

Healthy teeth and gums

Checking your teeth for tooth decay such as cavities, plaque or tartar forms part of a complete dental examination. Plaque is a clear, sticky layer of bacteria. If it is not removed in time, it can harden and develop into tartar. Tartar cannot be removed through brushing and flossing. If plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, they can cause oral diseases.

Plaque and tarter build up

Next, your dentist is likely to check your gums, with a special tool to measure the spaces between your teeth and gums. The check-up should also include a head and neck examination; (to look for any signs of trouble) checking your lymph nodes and lower joints and an examination of your mouth for any indications of oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies. In this part your dentist may also examine your face, bite, saliva and the movement of your lower jaw joints (TMJs). Your dental hygienist will then clean your teeth and emphasize the importance of you maintaining good oral hygiene at home between dental check-ups.

The Dental Cleaning

Brushing and flossing helps to remove the plaque from your teeth, but you can’t remove tartar at home. During the cleaning, your dental professional will use special tools to remove tartar. This process is called scaling.

Scaling enables removal of plaque and tartar

After the teeth have undergone scaling, they may be polished. Mostly, a grainy paste is used for this which helps remove any surface stains off your teeth. In the final step your dental professional will use floss to make sure the areas between your teeth are clean.

What you should do between visits

Make sure to take good care of your teeth and gums between regular dental visits. Plaque although always building up on your teeth, can be reduced by brushing and flossing regularly. Here are some simple tips for oral care at home.

  • Using a toothpaste that contains fluoride, try and brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Floss between teeth at least once a day.
  • Use a mouth rinse to help clear out plaque bacteria. This will also freshen your breath.

At Courtdrive Dental Practice , we are your own dentist in Uxbridge, offering dental check-ups and examination appointments. You can book your appointment by calling us on 01895 233 955 or visiting us on : https://www.courtdrivedentalpractice.co.uk/

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